in een vreemd land

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we took the road to nowhere
where there is no turning back
got stuck, broke down bewildered
what mistakes we make while
we have seen the signs

there is no turning back
no upside down no road direction
I can’t take my steps to new horizons
leaving you
I leave you, left alone

turned right, turned wrong, turned better
to be one is fair enough
when we are us no longer
never been
forever even

I turned home
the place I left, forgot, remembered
just my roots, my beat,
my heart shows me my way
you’ll miss for good

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)


when the sun sank in her corner and the moon became my shadow
– a point in time where she will never re-appear (they say) –
I won’t allow my night to see that day that only rises when I will turn around
and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait until our world will bring me home
she will not disappear again that day, on top of us the sun, as long as we walk
side by side

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)


one out of two, or even three
the countless ways of you and me
the moment we have crossed our seas
and anchored, we get healed – set free

deep intimacy connects, in laughter
gathering in deep respect – and bonded
shared a thousand lives – affection
we can not neglect

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)


I do believe, there is some “I”,
that just thinks, there is an “I”, I think
That -in that case- “I” think
I am, – I AM!! – for sure

We think, that we are “we”
Together, more than “one” – That you
think, you are “you”, just like “you” are
That “we” are not “alone”

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)


sun is getting red..
already feel the outlines of your hands
meanwhile.. I can hear – cannot see sharp
hearts conduct the silent glittering
I look at.. there! the bridge to you and..
close my eyes.. my words step slowly on dry land
because.. it seems.. it dreams just all of us. in mirrors
rendez vous, you know.. without disturbing sleep
..here are my hands.. and there are yours – the sun is setting
bridge gets tangible.. just careful – passable
hey, come along, step on it now – but stay asleep and walk..
will meet you soon.. will come.. this night together
till the early morn’

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)

Happy birth

it took some time to
flourish to this point
while time and space team up
to incorporated their knowledge

birds still flying over
high blue skies
my horizon’s getting near
for I am on the road, and now

stand still and look around
myself – a wonder, just like you
amazingly impressive, we below -no,
in between- a trillion stars (and more)

so, what the hell I’m doing here?
cause I should be with you, the other part of me
the rebirth of the past, inseminating future
life is where it’s all about!

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)


a carrier, the winds of soul
no format ‘less
it fits
the telltales of the heart

night and day she plays the game
within her fixed pixel frame
of heaven, or a haven

while leaving wings to poet preachers
seagull flies away
restlessness, her sea dissolves
my black and white alike

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream as a result of expiring Google+)


You take me to the edge of heaven
You open the door
and show me what’s beyond

You let me discover the edge
consists of doors
only doors expand it’s core

In sync with our hearts
through growing pains
dissolving walls

The edge of Heaven
brings us a glimpse of Tomorrow
on the tight robe
hand in hand
day by day
on the Highway forward
with the speed of Light

© Ronald Bottelier

(Archived from PoetsDream community as a result of expiring Google+)


vanuit mijn ooghoek zie ik
slecht weer nadert uit de heuvels
grauwe sporen vluchten op je af
bedekken rood dat eerder ons al
seinen gaf: het weer betrekt

jouw haren wapperen
je ogen stralen natte frisheid
van de tranen die je lach al lang en
breed weer terugbracht tot
je ware zelf: de zin in Leven

de ruimte van het drogen lost
de regen op, de kou verloren – ik zie
klapperende knoppen die zo open
springen als jouw trein in volle vaart straks
prachtig land verwekt

© Ronald Bottelier


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